Interview (30%)
Exquisite International title holders may be called upon to speak at various events throughout the year, so they must be able to speak intelligently and exude confidence. Contestants will  be interviewed for five minutes by judges in a panel style format. Contestants will be judged on her personality, ability to articulate thoughts,  confidence and fashion sense.
Attire: Business suit or dress

Fitness Wear (20%)
Contestants will be scored on overall body tone, proportion, fashion sense as well as the appearance of physical fitness according to their division.
Attire: Teen, Miss, Ms. and  Mrs. Contestants may wear a one or two-piece aerobic wear outfit of her choosing.  Classic contestants may wear  a one or two-piece active wear outfit.  Sneakers are required for aerobic and active wear.

Fashion (20%)
This is your time to shine! Contestants should convey an sense of "Fabulosity".  Contestants will be judged on personality, style, energy, modeling and overall beauty.
Attire: Put your best foot forward!  Glam is the protocol for this segment.
This will be a runway fashion show.

Evening wear (30%)
Pageant winners must display a vision of beauty and femininity. Contestants will be judged on grace, poise, and beauty.
Attire: Floor length gowns.  Price and designer of gown are not judged.
Areas of Competition
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Overall Interview
Overall Fitness
Overall Fashion
Overall Evening Gown
Media (most/best program book ads)