Interview (30%)
Exquisite International title holders may be called upon to speak at various events throughout the year, so they must be able to speak intelligently and exude confidence. Contestants will  be interviewed for five minutes by judges in a panel style format. Contestants will be judged on her personality, ability to articulate thoughts,  confidence and fashion sense.
Attire: Business suit or dress

Fitness Wear (20%)
Contestants will be scored on overall body tone, proportion, fashion sense as well as the appearance of physical fitness according to their division.
Attire: Teen, Miss, Ms. and  Mrs. Contestants may wear a one or two-piece aerobic wear outfit of her choosing.  Classic contestants may wear  a one or two-piece active wear outfit.  Sneakers are required for aerobic and active wear.

Fashion (20%)
This is your time to shine!  Anything goes. Contestants will be judged on personality, creativity, energy, modeling and overall beauty.
Attire: You decide! 

Evening wear (30%)
Pageant winners must display a vision of beauty and femininity. Contestants will be judged on grace, poise, and beauty.
Attire: Floor length gowns.  Price and designer of gown are not judged.
Areas of Competition
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DSC_9233 (2)
DSC_8964 (2)
DSC_0240 (2)
DSC_0313 (2)
DSC_0221 (2)
DSC_0228 (2)
DSC_0408 (2)
DSC_0396 (2)
DSC_0615 (2)

Pageant weekend begins with orientation on Friday, July 31st, promptly at 6:00pm. There will be a seated dinner. On Saturday, August 1st, we will have rehearsals all day ending with our fabulous “Queens Night Out” at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Each contestant will be given an Exquisite Pageant T shirt to wear to dinner. Your bottoms should be black. Sunday, August 2nd is competition day. Private interview with the judges start in the morning followed by a final run through rehearsal and then the moment you have been waiting for… SHOWTIME!

Refund Policy:
There are substantial fees associated with producing a pageant. Any payments made are used to finance the weekend for you and your fellow contestants. Please understand that when you register and pay the entry fee, you have an obligation to fulfill and follow all guidelines, deadlines or payment schedules. There are NO refunds on ANY payment type for any reason. There are never any chargebacks to a credit card or on PayPal once your payment is received as you are making payment for "services" and not "goods".

Judges Bio:
Each contestant is required to complete a judge’s bio for interview. Five (5) copies of your bio are to be submitted at orientation.  Each contestant will stand before a 5 member panel of judges. The questions will be derived from bio forms submitted by contestants. No religious, political or controversial questions will be asked.

Required for Participation:

• Each contestant is asked to bring a gift for the contestants in their division. You may bring additional gifts if you wish. The gift exchange will take place at orientation


Attire: Fuchsia Cocktail Dress - Provided by the pageant

This is your official introduction to the audience. You will be taught a short walking/dance pattern to music and introduce yourself and your title. This will be high energy and fun.  Opening number is not judged.
Shoes: Silver


The optional photogenic competition will be judged by a separate panel of judges and will have no bearing on the actual competition.

Additional awards will be given in the following categories:

•Fashion – Awarded to the best fashion overall (all divisions)
•Gown – Awarded to the best formal overall (all divisions)
•Interview – Awarded to the interview overall (all divisions)
•Spirit – Awarded to the contestant who displays the spirit of pageantry (voted by contestants)
•Community Service - Awarded to the contestant with most appearances (all divisions) Must have a state pageant page on Facebook


By registering, paying the entrance fee, and being "accepted", this is a basic contract where you do agree to follow our simple guidelines, adhere to deadlines and always be a good role model and a good sport. You make choices to do appearances and be involved. Unlike other pageants, you have the choice to be an upbeat titleholder and make appearances or community service efforts when you are able. The pageant does not arrange appearances nor does it pay any fees or transportation. We realize you have other activities in your life but you are required to make a minimum of 10 appearances throughout your reign.

The decision of the Judges is deemed final; please accept the scores as final from the panel of judges. Please urge your friends and family to respect the decision of the judges. The Director of the pageant has no say in who wins; it is left entirely to the judges.
Everyone in your party is to be a good sport at all times. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any event or to rescind any title for poor sportsmanship or negative behavior or actions on the part of any contestant or anyone in their party. We feel it is not necessary to expand on poor sportsmanship. ALWAYS be positive and upbeat and respectful of everyone around you at any function, appearance, pageant, etc. and hopefully in your own personal lives. We are confident that no matter what the outcome, YOU WILL HAVE A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. Congratulate ALL new National queens, just as you would want to be congratulated by them if YOU win!!! Should you win please be advised that we are only interested in queens who want to be loyal to the Exquisite International system and are willing to devote a full year to your title. If you do not win, consider returning. It’s a GREAT way to stay involved with Exquisite International Pageants!